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Prairie Saint Johns LLC, located on 510 4th Street South, Fargo, North Dakota, is an addiction treatment facility that can help those who need addiction help, get the guidance, treatment, and counseling needed. Prairie Saint Johns LLC has caring addiction recovery professionals who are devoted to assisting addicts in overcoming addiction and addictive behaviors.

The main aim of the addiction specialists at Prairie Saint Johns LLC is to give the appropriate guidance and comfort to patients aged 18+ throughout their journey toward long-lasting sobriety. By providing effective programs for addiction treatment to patients, patients will have all of the resources required in order to overcome addiction. It's important to remember that not all treatment programs are ideal for every patient. Just as each and every individual and their addiction is different, so should treatment. At Prairie Saint Johns LLC, patients will get a treatment plan that is designed uniquely for them. The proper treatment program will be determined after a patient assessment has taken place.

Prairie Saint Johns LLC is committed to accommodating the wants and requirements of patients in an effort to best ensure their contentment while in recovery. Addiction counselors at Prairie Saint Johns LLC make it an objective to help addicts reclaim their lives so that they can begin on a new more promising path. Once a patient has reached the level of sustained sobriety, they will feel a sense of relief knowing that addiction is no longer going to control their everyday lives. Getting the help needed to overcome addictive behavior is the best course of action an addict can take. Don't live another day in the whirlwind that is drug and alcohol addiction, get in touch with Prairie Saint Johns LLC today and learn how treatment can help.

Attempting detox without professional help is very hard and the majority of those who attempt detox on their own end up failing. This is because addiction is a mental disorder that requires the help of professional medical personnel and addiction counselors in order to overcome.

Seeking treatment is the best option when desiring a life that is free of substance dependency. The time to get help is now. Contact Prairie Saint Johns LLC by visiting today and learn about what sort of treatment options are available.

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+1(701) 476-7200
510 4th Street SouthFargoNorth Dakota  58103

Google Reviews

  5.0   4 years ago

Crystal city Texas,Apostle at work.. sisseton Wahpeton Sioux tribe,old agency district member.

  5.0   4 years ago

This place saved my life and im so grateful for all the staff. Anybody that says anything negative about it eitherwas not ready or in denial. After struggling with ptsd major depression and addictions for 27yrs and 17 yrs of incarceration for a drinking and driving accident where someone lost there life i was ready for suicide!!! But because of this place and the tools they've given i am now ready for a stBle life. God bless prarie st.johns and all of its staff. Thank you thank you!!!!

  5.0   5 years ago

I was a patient here as a teenager and came back to work as a Psych Tech (they require 2 years since being a patient before applying). Being on both sides I have a unique view of this place. I've also been to several other mental health facilities for comparison. As a honest review I'd say the treatment here is appropriate and the staff, as a whole, do their job. The nurses and other techs here are human just like at any other hospital. After being attacked by patients, working double shifts, and getting called the N*gger by both young and old people...staff will sometimes lose their composure. The worst you'll get from staff is being talked to like they're you're parent. You'll never be neglected, forced medications, or hit...ever. This place is a mental health hospital, no ER, no med-surg. The staff has much better tolerance for patient behavior than places like Essentia or Sanford. Those nurses are not full-time psych and it shows in their treatment of patients. They threaten patients "if you don't take these pills, we'll restrain you or the police will take you to jail, etc.." We don't use restraints and I've never seen a seclusion in my 2 years here. Take the other reviews for what their worth....mental health patients with suicidal ideation and/or drug addiction wondering why they can't smoke in their rooms, have cell phones, and shoe strings.

  5.0   5 years ago

Best treatment Center I've attended and I've been to a dozen. Psychological evals as well licensed LAC makes huge difference, as well as a social worker on site with them- makes it easier than to have to call and track down agencies individually. People who express frustration through this treatment needs to more open and honest with themselves. They give the opportunities for the addict to acquire a life of abstinence of our disease, the rest is our responsibility to use them. We can't do it by ourselves but Prairie can't do it for us. This place is a God send.

  3.0   5 years ago

Not a lot of treatment, a whole lot of playing cards, watching tv, and going to one-size-fits-all groups that by that virtue didn't really help that much. I am giving this three stars for two reasons: 1) It's just the same or worse at any other inpatient treatment center. I peg it to the 1:167 ratio rule: 1 hour of actual treatment per week and the other 167 are spent on cards/tv/pacing/sleeping/bashing your head against a wall in boredom. Seriously, unless you're going to kill yourself and you want to be in an environment where that won't be possible for a while, stick with outpatient. Inpatient just houses you, feeds you, and keeps you from killing yourself for a few thousand dollars a day. 2) I met a fantastic psychiatrist there (not Dr. Egypt), Dr. Jenny Frissell. I have never had a talk therapist help me, but she was the first. I got referrals and now I'm seeing a specialist she recommended on an outpatient basis and it's going well. Oh, but huge thumbs down for Dr. Egypt. Anyone who's been there knows who I'm talking about; yeah, he's from Egypt if you were wondering. He does not freaking listen, he just dominates the conversation in your 5-minute med check and that's it. I'm as autistic as the day is long and he diagnosed me with schizophrenia; those two are polar opposites. That guy's a turkey, to put it mildly.

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